Mortar Board Tent City Dinner

Tent City is a homeless shelter project run by SHARE/WHEEL to provide outdoor shelter for those who need it in King County. Tent Cities are portable, self-managed communities with a strict Code of Conduct to ensure the camps stay a safe and beneficial space for its residents. Tent City relies on organizations like Mortar Board to provide its residents with hot meals, so we felt it was only natural for us to prepare one for them. 

On Saturday November 23rd, the UW Mortar Board Tolo Chapter organized, prepared, delivered, and served a burrito bar for Tent City 3, currently located in Tukwila. Members met at the Newman Center, located in the University District, to use the center’s kitchen to prepare the meal. A burrito bar was the meal of choice as it allowed Tent City residents to construct their own meal, with all the foods they like, while adhering to any dietary restrictions they may have. Mortar Board Tolo members gathered together to cook up copious amounts of ground meat, tofu, rice, and veggies to provide Tent City’s residents with an enjoyable, nutritious meal that everyone could enjoy.

Mortar Board members ate their burritos alongside Tent City’s residents to make the meal more welcoming and inclusive.

Forrest, one of our Service chairs, said that: “Preparing the dinner was really fun, and the people living at Tent City were very thankful for the warm food on the cold and rainy night.”

Pictures from the event can be found below!

If you’d like to learn more about Tent City, take a look at SHARE/WHEEL’s website here:

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