Mortar Board Tolo 2019-2020 Class Retreat

On November 3rd, the 2019-2020 Tolo class held our annual class retreat. We gathered together for a fun evening filled with games, group bonding, and a sandwich bar! We started off the night with a fun fact guessing game, where each member wrote out a fun fact about themselves (ex. “I first started growing facial hair when I was 12”), and the group attempted to guess whose fun fact it was. We were able to learn a lot of fun tidbits about each other that would have never come up otherwise.

We also played charades three different ways: describing the noun, acting out the noun, and one-word clues for the noun. There were innumerable funny moments that came up, such as one member trying to describe the phrase “a ninja chopping onions” without anyone else having ever heard the phrase before–it took a while, but we all had a good laugh.

The hit-game of the evening, however, was an artistic game of telephone: members would write a word or phrase and then pass it along to someone else who would then draw whatever was written. They would then fold the paper over, so that only the drawing was visible and not the word or phrase that prompted it, and then pass it along again. The next person would then interpret the drawing and write out what they thought it was and the game continued like this for a few rounds. Sometimes we’d hit the nail on the head and the original prompt matched the final drawing, but sometimes we’d be about as far off as humanly possible–take a look at some examples below.

                                                                                   Sometimes we did well!


                                                                           Other times? Not so much…

Overall, the meeting was a great success with its goal achieved: for the 2019-2020 class to grow a lil’ bit closer.

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