A Letter to the Tolo Class of 2020

Dear Tolo Class of 2020:

Congratulations for having been successfully initiated into Mortar Board as of April 28, 2019! Your class brings together future doctors, lawyers, non-profit directors, researchers, journalists, and citizens dedicated to making change. We hope you take your new membership in Mortar Board as a true honor, because it is. The University of Washington Tolo Chapter started out as an honor society for women on campus–women who saw an issue in the system and took action. YOU can take action on issues that are important to you through Mortar Board next year, and we selected you because we are confident that you can and will.

You have proven yourselves able and willing to achieve academic success, lead within your own communities, and serve those around you. While these are the three pillars of Mortar Board, you all go above and beyond. You open your arms to difference; you are humble in your successes, but still strive for improvement. That is why you are a part of Tolo.

We know that you will collaborate and learn with each other through the process. But in the end of May 2020, you will all look back perplexed at how Tolo gave you such good friends, mentors, and experiences to take with you after graduation. It will go by fast, but that means you have to start thinking about your goals for Tolo 2020 right now. We have so much faith in you, and can’t wait to see what you’ve accomplished at the Annual Meeting next year!

All the best,

Tolo Class of 2019

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